Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lisa Farmer: handcrafted leather bug, fish, bird handbags.

Check out more of her amazing and inspiring bags at:
Ps. Even the web-site brings you back to nature with soothing sounds of birds and animals. 

Till the next time I find inspiration

Fashion Blog of the Moment...

Artist Statement:
I don’t use cut in its traditional interpretation at all – every piece is based on simple geometrical forms such as squares, rectangles or triangles. This method allows to create very unusual and recognizable look. Another important thing is the ability to use the whole piece of fabric with almost no scarps, so it’s environmentally friendly at the same time. I explore the space between fashion and art in my works. While I was studying at an Art school, I often used to imagine three-dimensional objects which I needed to portray on two-dimensional surface of paper as a polyhedrons composed of polygons. It really helps me to understand and feel the beauty of the shapes still. And I want to share this experience through fashion.
Check out her incredible designs like this jacket on her website and blog